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"All truly great thoughts are concieved by walking"
Friedrich Nietzsche
Good after noon everyone It's around 12 pm here. Just fixing up the layout. I redid the content section. The graphics are now found under "content".

Hope you all are having a good Sunday. It's not raining here today. Thank goodness. It was yesterday. On and off. Like a lightswitch. lol! It was yucky out. I'm NOT doing much today. Just walking Jelly Bean at 5:30 tonight. Hopefully it won't rain at all today. I don't think it's supposed to. So that's all I'm doing tonight.

Well going to end it here. Going to go make some graphics. Not sure what kind of graphics I'll be making. I now have Adobe Photoshop!! So it's nice to use the brushes for a change. :) I got it from exotichell Thanks so much Sandra. TTFN! Have a good Sunday. I'll blog more later.