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Hi and welcome to luckystorm! A free graphic site. I create backgrounds, icons & more. To find out the graphics look under content section! Hope you will come back more often. Sit back & Enjoy!

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"My hopes are not always realized, but I always hope".
Good afternoon everyone! It's about to be 12pm here. Just fixing up the layout a little bit. Sorry for the change again. I didn't like the last one. Header was too small :( !! But Nicole @ plasteeq has such great css templates too pick from. You should check them out. :) Thanks Nicole!!

Today I'm NOT doing much. I cleaned a lot yesterday. I was so darn tired after I was done. But I was happy when it was finished!! I'm just relaxing today. I made chicken salad earlier. It's good. I put mayo and onions in mine. :) I think I over did it with the onions though, lol! Oh well. :)

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain. Eek! We haven't had rain in a while though. Just snow. The snow is finally melting after a week. Thank goodness. They're places to walk now, lol! I couldn't go any where. It was sooo darn icy and snowy!! :( But now I can walk around the corner with out having to fear of falling. I hope we are done with snow.

Going to end it here. Hope you all will have a wonderful weekend! Any weekend plans?! I have no idea what I'm doing tomorrow. My fiance' is going to a hockey game. Lucky her. She is going with a friend of ours. Hope she has a good time. I'll be by myself. Eek!

Well Ttyl and I'll blog more later on tonight. Going to go watch a movie!