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05/27/19: new layout! Ft. Anime

welcome to luckystorm

"the secret of getting ahead is getting started".
Mark Twain
Hi good afternoon everyone. It's around 4ish pm here. Just on the computer. I have a new layout. YET again. I got tired of the other one really quickly. The header was too big. :( I didn't like it that much, So I just made a NEW layout. Hope you like this one too. I got the awesome style sheet from sugarpop. Thanks Sky!! She rocks. Be sure to check out her content.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend. My weekend is okay. Except fighting with my mom's partner. Well her ex. She and I don't see eye to eye on things at all. But I do love her though. I don't hate her or anything. Just sometimes we don't get along. But other then that my weekend is relaxing. Not doing much tonight. I do have to do laundry at mom's. So not sure when that will be. I have to ask her. Hopefully tomorrow night. I need clothes. lol! So really do hope I can do it tomorrow night.

Going to end it here. Going on to make some graphics for you all. Hope you all like my graphics. I try really hard. I hope you know that I enjoy making them.

Well, Ttfn! I'll try to blog more later when I get back from my mom's. Not sure if I'm walking Jelly Bean tonight or not. That and it looks like rain. Eek! Thunderstorms! Hope so. :) I love storms! Well take care.